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Asset Backed Securities

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Shelf List
Issuer Name Group A Back To Top
Issuer Name Series Report
A&K Funding LLC Series ReportsAKFL
Acapulco Funding Series ReportsACAPULCO
ACAS Business Loan Trust Series ReportsACAS
Accelerated Assets 2018-1 LLC Series ReportsACCELERATED
Accent Texas Fund I LP Series ReportsACCENT
Aegis Auto Receivables Trust Series ReportsAART
Affiliated Auto Receivables Trust Series ReportsAFFL
Ally Master Owner Trust Series ReportsAMOT
Alter Moneta Receivables LLC Series ReportsAMRL
American Car Center Series ReportsACCT
American Credit Acceptance Series ReportsACA
Americredit Automobile Receivables Trust Series ReportsAMERI
AMN Receivable Trust Series ReportsAMNR
AMRESCO Commercial Finance Inc Series ReportsACLC
Amur Equipment Finance Receivables Series ReportsAEFR
Applebee’s Enterprises LLC Series ReportsAPPLEB
ARC RAIL Series ReportsARCR
Arcadia Auto Receivables Trust Series ReportsARCA
Auto Finance Company LLC Series ReportsAFCL
Autobond Receivable Trust Series ReportsABRT
Autoflow Series ReportsAUTF
Aviation Funding Group Series ReportsAVFG
Axis Equipment Finance Receivables Series ReportsAXIS
Issuer Name Group B Back To Top
Issuer Name Series Report
BFS Funding Company Series ReportsBFSC
Blackstone Grand Islander Series ReportsBSGI
Blue Devil Gas Trust Series ReportsBDGT
Issuer Name Group C Back To Top
Issuer Name Series Report
CAL Funding I, Limited Series ReportsCALFUNDING
CAL Funding II, Limited Series ReportsCALFUNDINGII
CAL Funding III Limited Series ReportsCALFUNDIII
Capital One Auto Series ReportsCAPO
CapitalSource Finance LLC Series ReportsCSFL
CarFinance Capital Auto Trust Series ReportsCFCAT
CarMax Auto Owner Trust Series ReportsCARM
CarNow Auto Receivables Trust Series ReportsCNART
CARSS Finance Limited Partnership Series ReportsCFLP
Carvana Auto Receivables Series ReportsCART
CenterStone SBA Lending Trust Series ReportsCSLT
CF Blackburn LLC Series ReportsCFBLACKBURN
Charity Funding Series ReportsCHARITY
Chase Issuance Trust Series ReportsBOIT
Chase Manhattan Trust Series ReportsCMRV
Chrysler Financial Auto Securitization Trust Series ReportsCFAST
CIM Small Business Loan Trust Series ReportsCSBLT
Community Reinvestment Fund Series ReportsCRF
Conn Funding II L.P. Series ReportsCFND
Conns Receivables Funding Series ReportsCONNSRF
Consumer Lending Receivables Trust Series ReportsCLRT
Consumer Portfolio Services Series ReportsCPS
Credit Acceptance Auto Loan Trust Series ReportsCAADLT
Credit Trust Series ReportsCRDT
CSB Funding LLC Series ReportsCSB
Issuer Name Group D Back To Top
Issuer Name Series Report
Decima SA Series ReportsDECIMA
Dell Equipment Finance Trust Series ReportsDEFT
Diamond Resorts Issuer Series ReportsDRI
Diamond Resorts Owner Trust Series ReportsDROT
Diamond Resorts/CO Borrower 2016, LLC Series ReportsDIAMONDCO
Distribution Financial Services Series ReportsDISF
Dong Fang Container Finance II Series ReportsDFCF
DRB Series ReportsDRB
Drive Auto Receivables Trust Series ReportsDART
Drivetime Automotive Corporation Series ReportsDTAC
Duck Auto Owner Trust Series ReportsDAOT
Issuer Name Group E Back To Top
Issuer Name Series Report
E*Trade RV and Marine Trust Series ReportsERVMT
EdLinc Student Loan Funding Trust Series ReportsESLF
Elara HGV Timeshare Issuer Series ReportsLANTERNELARA
Engs Commercial Finance Trust Series ReportsENGS
Exeter Auto Receivables Trust Series ReportsEXETER
Issuer Name Group F Back To Top
Issuer Name Series Report
FASCO Auto Receivables Grantor Trust Series ReportsFASC
FFRC Equipment Lease Series ReportsFFRC
FIFC Premium Funding, LLC Series ReportsFIFCPF
Financial Pacific Funding Series ReportsFPF
First Auto Series ReportsFAUT
First City Auto Receivables Trust Series ReportsFCAR
First Fidelity Grantor Trust Series ReportsFFGT
First Investors Auto Investment Corp Series ReportsFIAI
First Investors Auto Owner Trust Series ReportsFIAO
First Investors Servicing Corporation Series ReportsFISC
Flagship Credit Auto Trust Series ReportsFCAT
FNF Funding Series ReportsFNFF
Folio Funding LLC Series ReportsFOLIO
Franchisee Loan Receivables Trust Series ReportsFLRT
Freeport Loan Fund Series ReportsFLF
Frontier Equipment Receivables Trust Series ReportsFERT
FSA Receivables Master Trust Series ReportsFSAR
Issuer Name Group G Back To Top
Issuer Name Series Report
GE Commercial Loan Trust Series ReportsGECLT
Genesis Sales Finance Master Trust Series ReportsGSFMT
GFG Series ReportsGFG
GLS Auto Receivable Trust Series ReportsGLS
GM Financial Automobile Leasing Trust Series ReportsGMALT
GM Financial Consumer Automobile Receivables Trust Series ReportsGMART
GMAC Overdrive Auto Loan Syndication Trust Series ReportsGOALST
GMF Floorplan Owner Revolving Trust Series ReportsGFORT
GMF Warehouse Leasing Trust Series ReportsGMFLEASE
GO Financial Auto Securitization Trust Series ReportsGOFAST
Golden Eagle Funding Corp Series ReportsGEFC
Golden Pear Series ReportsGPEAR
GOLF Auto Receivables Funding LLC Series ReportsGOLF
Golub Capital Loan Trust Series ReportsGOLUB
GreatAmerica Leasing Receivables Funding LLC Series ReportsGALRF
Greentree Series ReportsGFMH
GS Auto Loan Trust Series ReportsGSALT
Guardian National Acceptance Corp Series ReportsGNAC
Issuer Name Group H Back To Top
Issuer Name Series Report
Hana Small Business Lending Loan Trust Series ReportsHANASBA
Heller Financial Inc. Series ReportsHLFI
High Plains Gas Trust Series ReportsHPGT
Higher Education Student Assistance Authority Series ReportsHESAA
Hilton Grand Vacations Trust Series ReportsHGVT
Honor Finance Receivables Series ReportsHONOR
Huntington Auto Trust Series ReportsHUNT
Hyundai Auto Receivables Trust Series ReportsHART
Issuer Name Group I Back To Top
Issuer Name Series Report
IBM Credit Corporation Series ReportsIBMC
IHOP Franchising LLC IHOP IP LLC Securitization Series ReportsIHOP
Infinity Franchise Series ReportsINFINITY
Issuer Name Group J Back To Top
Issuer Name Series Report
JCAP Series ReportsJCAP
JP Morgan Auto Receivables Trust Series ReportsJPMART
Issuer Name Group K Back To Top
Issuer Name Series Report
Kawa SBA IO Series ReportsKAWA
KMC Telecom Inc. Series ReportsKMCT
Kosmos Management LLC Series ReportsKML
Issuer Name Group L Back To Top
Issuer Name Series Report
L2L Education Loan Trust Series ReportsL2L
Lendmark Funding Trust Series ReportsLFT
Loan Science Student Loan Trust Series ReportsLSSLT
Long Beach Acceptance Auto Receivables Trust Series ReportsLBART
LSI Auto Grantor Trust Series ReportsLSIA
Issuer Name Group M Back To Top
Issuer Name Series Report
Major League Baseball Facility Fund Series ReportsMLBFF
Major League Baseball Trust Series ReportsMLBT
Marathon Funding LLC Series ReportsMARATHON
Mariner Finance Issuance Trust Series ReportsMARINER
Marlin Leasing Receivables LLC Series ReportsMLRC
Marriott Vacation Club Trust Series ReportsMVOT
Matsco Lease Finance Series ReportsMLFN
MCA Fund Holdings LLC (CUNA) Series ReportsMCAFUNDCUNA
MCG Commercial Loan Series ReportsMCGC
Medical Capital Series ReportsMEDICAL
Mellon Bank Premium Loan Master Trust Series ReportsMBPL
Melrose Investors 2 LP Series ReportsMELROSE2
Melrose Investors LLC Series ReportsMELROSE
Merritt Series ReportsMERRITT
MFI Finance Corp I Series ReportsMFIO
MFI Finance II LLC Series ReportsMFIT
MFN Auto Receivables Trust Series ReportsMFNA
MidCap Funding Series ReportsMIDCAPWARE
Mill River Funding Trust Series ReportsMRFT
Mission Lane Credit Card Master Trust Series ReportsMISSION
Monarch Warehouse Trust Series ReportsMWT
Morgan Stanley Auto Loan Trust Series ReportsMSAL
Issuer Name Group N Back To Top
Issuer Name Series Report
Narcat Series ReportsNARCAT
Navient Student Loan Trust Series ReportsNSLT
Nelnet Private Education Loan Trust Series ReportsNPELT
NewStar Commercial Lease Series ReportsNEWSTAR
Nissan Auto Receivables Trust Series ReportsNART
Nordstrom Credit Card Master Note Trust Series ReportsNCCM
Nordstrom Private Label Credit Card Master Note Trust Series ReportsNPLC
Novation Receivables Funding Series ReportsNOVATION
Novation Ventures Funding Series ReportsNVF
Issuer Name Group O Back To Top
Issuer Name Series Report
Oakwood Mortgage Investors Inc. Series ReportsOMII
Oasis Financial Series ReportsOASIS
OneMain Financial Issuance Trust Series ReportsONEMAIN
OneMain Financial Warehouse Trust Series ReportsOMWHSE
Oxford Finance LLC Series ReportsOXFF
Issuer Name Group P Back To Top
Issuer Name Series Report
Pacific Monarch Resorts Series ReportsPACMONARCH
Paragon Auto Receivables Series ReportsPARC
Park Avenue Funding Trust Series ReportsPKAF
Parmalat Dairy Holdings Series ReportsPARM
PCR Auto Receivables Trust Series ReportsPCRT
People First Finance LLC Series ReportsPFFL
PFS Financing Corp Series ReportsPFSFC
Pioneer Park – KLS Diversified Asset Management Series ReportsPIONEERKLS
Porsche Series ReportsPORSCHE
Premier Funding Ltd. Series ReportsPREMIER
Premier Lease Funding Corporation Series ReportsPLFC
Premium Yield Finance Series ReportsPYF
Prestige Auto Receivables Trust Series ReportsPART
Private Auto Lease Trust Series ReportsPALT
Provident Auto Lease Series ReportsPRAL
Provident Equipment Lease Series ReportsPREL
Issuer Name Group Q Back To Top
Issuer Name Series Report
Questech Funding LLC Variable Funding Notes Series ReportsQFVF
Questech Securitizations I Series ReportsQSTO
Questech Securitizations II Series ReportsQSTT
Questech Securitizations III Series ReportsQSTH
Questech Securitizations IV Series ReportsQSTF
Issuer Name Group R Back To Top
Issuer Name Series Report
ReadyCap Lending Small Business Loan Trust Series ReportsRCAP
Redwood Master Trust I Series ReportsREDWOODI
Redwood Master Trust II Series ReportsREDWOODII
Regional Management Issuance Trust Series ReportsREGMGMT
RenewFund Receivables Trust Series ReportsRENEWFUND
RenewFund SPV-I LLC Series ReportsRENEW
Republic Finance Issuance Trust Series ReportsRFIT
RPAK Aircraft Loan Trust Series ReportsRPAK
Issuer Name Group S Back To Top
Issuer Name Series Report
S&E Replacement Power LLC Series ReportsSERPL
Sail Master Trust I Series ReportsSAILMT
Sail Master Trust II Series ReportsSAILMT2
Saks Credit Card Series ReportsSAKS
Santa Barbara Bank & Trust Series ReportsSBBT
Santander Drive Auto Receivables Trust Series ReportsSANDTANDER
SeaWest Financial Series ReportsSWFC
Securitized Multi Asset Rated Trust Series ReportsSMAR
Shell Finco SPV, LLC Series ReportsSHELLVACA
Sierra Auto Receivables Securitization Trust Series ReportsSIERRAAUTO
Sierra Timeshare Receivables Series ReportsSIERRA
Silverleaf Finance 2013-UA, LLC Series ReportsSILVER13UA
Silverleaf Finance 2014-VFN, LLC Series ReportsSILVERLEFVFN
Silverleaf Finance III Timeshare Loan Series ReportsSILVER
Silverleaf Finance IV LLC Series ReportsSILVERIV
Silverleaf Finance IX Timeshare Loan-Backed Notes Series ReportsSILVERIX
Silverleaf Finance V Timeshare Loan-Backed Notes Series ReportsSILVERV
Silverleaf Finance VI Timeshare Loan-Backed Notes Series ReportsSILVERVI
Silverleaf Finance VII Timeshare Loan-Backed Notes Series ReportsSILVERVII
Silverleaf Finance VIII Timeshare Loan-Backed Notes Series ReportsSILVERVIII
Silverleaf Finance X Timeshare Loan-Backed Notes Series ReportsSILVERX
Silverleaf Finance XI Timeshare Loan-Backed Notes Series ReportsSILVERXI
Silverleaf Finance XII, LLC Series ReportsSILVERXII
Silverleaf Finance XIII, LLC Series ReportsSILVERXIII
Silverleaf Finance XIV Timeshare Loan-Backed Notes Series ReportsSILVERXIV
Silverleaf Finance XV Timeshare Loan-Backed Notes Series ReportsSILVERXV
Silverleaf Finance XVI Timeshare Loan-Backed Notes Series ReportsSILVERXVI
Silverleaf Finance XVII Timeshare Loan-Backed Notes Series ReportsSILVERXVII
Silverleaf Finance XVIII Timeshare Loan-Backed Notes Series ReportsSILVERXVIII
SNAAC Auto Receivables Trust Series ReportsSNAAC
SNAAC Securitization Corp. III Series ReportsSNSC
SolarCity Series ReportsSOLC
Sooner Gas Trust Series ReportsSGT
Springcastle Funding Asset Backed Notes Series ReportsSFABN
Springleaf Funding Trust Series ReportsSFT
Spruce ABS Trust Series ReportsSPRUCE
Starwood Vacation Ownership Inc Series ReportsSVO
Strong Capital I Funding LP Series ReportsSCIF
Structured Asset Funding Securitization Series ReportsSAFS
Structured Receivables Finance (Peachtree) Series ReportsSRFPEACHTREE
Structured Settlements Fund Series ReportsSTSF
Student Finance Company Series ReportsSTFC
Summit Acceptance Auto Series ReportsSUMM
Sunnova Helios Issuer Series ReportsSHIS
Sunrun Series ReportsSRAI
Sunstrong Issuer Series ReportsSSTR
Sunterra Issuer 2007 LLC Series ReportsSUNISS
Sunterra Owner Trust Series ReportsSUNOT
Susquehanna Auto Lease Series ReportsSQAL
Sutton Park Structured Settlements Series ReportsSUTTONPARK
Sweetwater Investors II, LLC Series ReportsSWEETWATER
Issuer Name Group T Back To Top
Issuer Name Series Report
T & W Funding Series ReportsTWLB
TAL Advantage, LLC Series ReportsTALADVANTIII
TAL Finance I Series ReportsTALFINANCE
Target Receivables Corporation Series ReportsTARGET
Tarry Town Second LLC Series ReportsTTSL
Tax Liens Securitization Trust Series ReportsBOATAXLIEN
Temese Funding plc   British Series ReportsTEMESE
Terminal Finance Corp II Series ReportsTFCT
Tesla Auto Lease Trust Series ReportsTALT
Tesla Energy Operations Series ReportsTEOP
Textainer Marine Container Limited III Series ReportsTMCLIII
Textainer Marine Container Limited IV Series ReportsTMCLIV
Textainer Marine Container Limited V Series ReportsTMCLV
Textainer Marine Container Limited VII Series ReportsTMCLVII
Textainer Marine Containers Limited Series ReportsTMCL
Textainer Marine Containers Limited II Series ReportsTMCLII
TFC Auto Receivables Trust Series ReportsTART
The Harvest Group Series ReportsTHGS
Thrivest Securitization Series ReportsTHRIVEST
Toyota Auto Receivables Series ReportsTOYO
Tri Funding Company III Series ReportsTFTH
Tri Funding Company IV Series ReportsTFCF
Tri Funding Company V Series ReportsTFCV
Tricolor Auto Securitization Trust Series ReportsTAST
Triton Container Funding II LLC Series ReportsTCFLII
Triton Container Funding LLC Series ReportsTCFL
Issuer Name Group U Back To Top
Issuer Name Series Report
U.S. Auto Funding Series ReportsUSAF
Unicapital LLC I & II Series ReportsULLC
United Auto Credit Securitization Trust Series ReportsUACC
United Fidelity Auto Receivable Trust Series ReportsUFAR
Universal Compression LLC Series ReportsUCO
Universal Film Funding LLC Series ReportsUFFL
Issuer Name Group V Back To Top
Issuer Name Series Report
Vistana Signature Experiences, Inc. Series ReportsVSE
Vivint Solar Series ReportsVVSF
Issuer Name Group W Back To Top
Issuer Name Series Report
Wachovia Student Loan Trust Series ReportsWACSL
Waveland Series ReportsWAVE
Wells Fargo Auto Trust Series ReportsWFAT
Wells Fargo Credit Card Series ReportsWFCC
Wells Fargo Student Loan Trust Series ReportsWFSL
Westgate Resorts Series ReportsWGRF
Westlake Automobile Receivables Trust Series ReportsWESTLAKEART
Whole Auto Loan Syndication Trust Series ReportsWALST